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D116 Bowl-mityhome- mityhome
D116 Bowl-mityhome- mityhome

D116 Bowl

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The intriguing ceramic Grey Splash Dish is aptly named as it has that caught-in-action feel as it’s shaped like splashing liquid.

What would you put in it? At almost 2ft long, it’s substantial enough to hold a whole variety of objects. How about some fruit in your kitchen or to serve bread at your dining table, or you could use it as a crown for a flower display, as a dish in your bathroom, or in your bedroom you could even use the different curves as a way to store bangles or hair bobbles. Whatever you choose, it enhances it beautifully.

As a gift, it will… er… make a splash. Have one in your own home and give one away as a special gift – then you can both share how beautiful and versatile it is.

Go for the glow. Create a really romantic or cosy atmosphere just by placing a candle in the middle and watch as the glowing, flickering flame dances off the curves of this splash dish.

Start a collection. This Splash Dish is one of the most popular designs in our latest collection of reflective chrome ceramic ornaments. So take a look and start building your collection… brilliantly.

Splash out less. Well at Fabulous Furniture you do: because we love to give you the very best value for money that we can. So you get a great item for less.


Height: 9cm

Width: 56cm

>Depth: 28cm

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