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D131 Peace

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New to our range of chrome plated ceramics, this “Peace” ornament is the perfect item to bring serenity to your home or to others as a gift.


All we are saying is give Peace a chance. This chunky ceramic ornament in the form of the word “Peace” is perfect for your mantelpiece in your lounge, or on a wall unit in your bedroom. You could use it as a table decoration in your dining room or kitchen or even a paperweight in your home office – or just as a piece – or should that be peace – of objet d’art.


Peace – the perfect gift. As well as having this gorgeous ceramic ornament in your own home, Gift for someone special – or someone who you want to make peace with.


Share the love. Take a look at all our ceramic ornament collection. It includes the matching item with the word ‘Love’. Buy both… after all, Peace and Love go together hand in hand.


Peace at any price. Fortunately you’re shopping with Fabulous Furniture, so this Peace on earth, doesn’t cost the earth, but just a very modest contribution.



Width: 34cm

Depth: 9cm

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