About Us

About Mityhome

In 2017, We founded Mity. By carefully analysing Internet search patterns and results, he recognised a market opportunity and launched Mity with the view to market and sell 1 product a lounge chair. The response far exceeded his expectations. The product line later grew as did the demand. What is now growing to become the go to place for unique and trending furniture that is affordable. The business model was simple, place importance in quality & sell at competitive price.

Partner with us

We are in a time where media creates tremendous opportunity for manufacturers to drive additional revenue growth and reach a new and growing set of customers. We enable our suppliers to successfully tap into this growth while working closely with them to protect and promo​te their brand, facilitate smooth logistics and communications flow. We understand the importance of flexibility and tailor our approach to meet our suppliers' specific needs.


All of our furniture is sourced direct from the Manufacturers, We take the necessary steps to visit factories and place importance in designs, colours and materials we use.